The Australian Community Network

The 4ustralia community portals network

Spanning the cities and regions of Australia 

The Australian Community Network  is one of the world’s largest geographic super portals and services more town and regional name websites than any other single entity for Australia.

Thanks to the support of business from the regions this unique and comprehensive platform of Australian geographic town portal style websites are being recognised as relevant and useful community, business and tourism resources that will constantly evolve and grow.

What can being on the Community Portals Network do for your business

The ACN Smart Ads are SEO friendly and are like a second web site. They act as a traffic funnel to bring new customers to you

The Community Portal Network is being constructed with Local Residents, Community, Local Business, National Business and Tourism in mind. This is a huge web project for our country and already with thousands of visitors we see it will emerge strongly and NOW is the time to get listed, as there are many long term top page opportunities still available

Hairy Wombat Media is a network affiliate and is licensed to get your business listed in these directories as part of our website packages.

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